Fred Siegman has always loved connecting people, having a special radar for recognizing common links that inspire introductions. Recognized by clients for this talent, they encouraged Fred to research how super-networkers and master connectors do their magic. He discovered some very interesting things.  

Their skills, perspectives and methods for improvement proved to be strikingly similar.  Those items became the components of Fred's Personal Brand Pyramid, a guide for evaluating and building your reputation.

Fred Siegman shares the lessons he has learned as a lifelong Serial Connector® strategist to educate business leaders, non-profit organization board members and college students how to make their networking both strategic and rewarding. He has worked with international, national and local businesses, ranging in size and diverse industries, and also non-profit organizations. He guest lectures at DePaul University for advanced marketing and public relations classes.  

Fred Siegman graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago and received an MBA from the University of Chicago.
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